Coming in 2019!

Nature's Healing Wisdom: 42 Poems and Photos Inspiring You to Go from Stressed to Blessed

What you can expect to receive from this book:

  • Self-healing tools you can use to transform from having stress to feeling good and not just living a happy life, but thriving in life
  • Beautiful photographs to view or use in meditation
  • Poetic instructions that assist you in generating a trait that is needed, such as courage, strength, patience, or love
  • Tools to help you re-discover your personal power
  • Quotes to enhance the words written for the poems
  • Easy-to-read and easy-to-understand poetry you can relate to


Through intuitive energy work with my clients, I often get images of nature and animals, including birds. These provide different messages for each person, yet I noticed there were several that commonly appeared in sessions and the messages were powerful for my clients.

This book contains simple, easy-to-understand poems that address the pains and struggles we have on a daily basis and compare them to lessons we learn from nature, revealing personal attributes - such as strength, courage, trust, and love - that you always have within.

There is a matching photograph of nature for each poem so you have the words and pictures to generate emotions that assist in self-healing by giving you back your personal power to transform from having emotional stress to feeling good and not just living a happy life, but thriving in life with these new tools you can use, when needed, in order to 'Find Your True Nature.'

Is This Book For You?

  • You love nature and believe it can provide emotional healing
  • You are looking for a natural way to reduce stress
  • You like to use natural healing and would like a tool you can use at any time
  • You may want some counseling, yet want to try something different (think of this book as counseling in poetic form)

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