Helping You to Help Yourself!

Of course we all experience both positive and negative stress.

Stress comes in many forms, including physical and emotional:

  • Are you feeling drained, have low energy, crash on the couch after work, or have lost your zest for life?
  • Do you experience pain from exercise?
  • Have you been dealing with pain for several years?
  • Are your relationships unhealthy?
  • Do you feel like you should be doing something different in your life?

There are many ways to receive relief or even eliminate pain and stress. I offer these main ways, which are explained in more detail on this website:

  • Teaching various self-healing techniques
  • Essential oils education
  • Wellness coaching
  • Intuitive energy healing sessions

Do you have physical or emotional pain?
Do you have physical or emotional pain?

FREE Strategy Energy Session

FREE Strategy Energy Session

You can sign up for a FREE 15-minute strategy energy session to determine the main issue negatively affecting your energy and discuss various ways to resolve it.

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Intuitive Energy Sessions

Intuitive Energy Sessions

Are you interested in finding out what is causing you stress and watch their transformation during our time together? We look at limiting beliefs and energy patterns that are keeping you stuck in life.

Books for Self Healing

Books for Self Healing

I'm the author for a book called "Nature's Healing Wisdom: 42 Poems and Photos Inspiring You to Go from Stressed to Blessed." Read more about this book and sign up to be informed on the launch date!

Back Pain Relief

"I want you to know how helpful the session was to me. My back was very uncomfortable and it usually takes quite a while to get back to normal. The next day, I was feeling so much better. I'm feeling grateful for your help. You've given me some things to think about and reconsider, as well as the added bonus of physical healing." - Pam

More Back Pain Relief

"It was so painful to walk. My back was hurting so much that I could barely stand. After taking a drop of Copaiba essential oil, I felt instant relief and I was able to walk again. The pain was reduced by about 50% within a minute." - Bonnie

Relief from Seasonal Threats

"Thank you so much for introducing me to the world of essential oils! After trying conventional prescribed allergy drops for severe allergies, and needing to seek steroid injections for major allergy attacks, I was told I was no longer a candidate for allergy drops by my physician. I remembered meeting you and your story of getting relief from seasonal threats by using doTERRA essential oils. I then decided to try them and after diffusing peppermint essential oils and wearing a diffusing bracelet when I go outside, I am now relieved from my Cedar Fever seasonal threats! I am now a believer of doTERRA essential oils!" - Laura